Paracord Colors

Paracord Colors

Does Paracord Colors sound like a mash up and an extra large full combo meal of things sandwiched and stuffed together?  Does it maybe have something to do with cord, or better yet even some super strain type of cord?  Well it does come from two words actually, Parachute and Cord.  And yes it is a bit of a super cord in that it is a very strong cord developed by the military for the U.S. paratroopers used in WWII.  Our troops even today use it in many ways in addition to aerial troop deployment, and special equipment drops.  Paracord can also be used to lower gear down inaccessible ridges or cliffs, across ravines, and any number of required tasks.

We named our site this way in part by the fact that the true and original paracord originally referred to as MIL-C-5040 Type III (true military inventory process right?) is distinct from all of the commercial copy cats.

How to tell the difference between the two?

Inside the cord when cut in half reveals 7 inner strands, each made up of 3 inner strands but with one distinct visual difference- one of these strands will be yellow and black in color.

Commercial (550) Para cord has the same breaking strength but does not go through the same rigorous military demand tests.  Paracord 550 refers to its breaking strength at 550 pounds.  So the difference between military and commercial 550 paracord is very small but be careful and look out for what you are purchasing.  If you want the original real deal look for the yellow and black strand.  Paracord is known for it’s reliability, strength, and affordability.

Our Site will give you access to many of the most popular uses we find and are asked about.  Especially for outdoor enthusiasts paracord can come in handy for many emergency needs and outdoor activities.  With so many colors available it really can make things a little more fun and should be one of the first things any of us puts into our survival kit or even first aide kit.  It can be made into a belt, a wet clothes drying line (paracord dries fast!), a tourniquet to slow the bleeding of a serious wound and of course can be braided into wristbands and fashioned into a sling for that nap you have always dreamed about under the giant redwoods – or night sky.  Emergency response teams always have it on hand too, even NASA has been known to use it.

Paracord is lightweight to carry and especially useful, very strong, and can be unraveled quickly- making it handy in emergencies or even to aide in keeping things held in place – like drift wood and floats for a life raft you’ve made after being marooned on a deserted tropical island.

There are many many different Paracord Colors and can be used in a variety of different applications. Here are some popular paracord projects:

Braiding to make just about whatever you may think of, including belts, wrist bands, lanyards, etc.

A Necklace weaved in many ways including the double cobra weave that create personal and lasting gift ideas.

 A Keychain that make it easy to find in your pocket or purse weaved with a square flat pattern and especially with school colors.

These ideas and many other uses can be found and hopefully illustrated for your benefit here. Be sure to plan ahead and buy enough length of paracord. For example a simple wristband can consist of 15 feet or more!  Come back to learn and create.

Any questions or concerns please contact us and if a reply is needed we will a.s.a.p.  Best of luck!