About Us

We named our site Paracord Colors in part by the fact that the true and original paracord originally refereed to as MIL-C-5040 Type III (true military inventory process right?) is distinct from all of the commercial copy cats.

How did Paracord Colors come about?

With the commercial makers of paracord 550 making so many paracord colors, we wanted to give a little old school credit to the original paracord makers and stringet testers, the U.S. military.  Because the difference is very subtle between the commercial varities we pay omage to the military version by letting people interested to know, that the real and geniune military paracord has one noticeable yet subtle visual distinction.  The military version when cut into and exposing the insides will reveal in only one of the seven inner strands- one strand colored yellow and black.

Hence our bit of a play on words with our site named Paracord Colors.  We know the military version of paracord and the commercial versions that have limitless colors avaible to us all very well.

Our site is managed by enthusiastic outdoor adventurers excited to share knowledge and experience(s) with fashioning Paracord Colors into distinct useful items that we can use over and over everyday.

Feel free and please contact us should you have any questions or ideas with paracord to our website.