What would you do if you find yourself in unexpected survival situation? What kind of survival tool would you need? There are probably many things you would need for your ultimate survival but nothing compares to paracord bracelet. You need to have it all costs.

Despite being light weight cord a paracord can withstand up to 550 pounds of pressure and you can imagine what it can do for you. The use of paracords as a survival tool isn’t something that is starting today. It was in fact in use during World War II in parachutes.

Paratroopers found Paracord to be a life-saving, multi-purpose tool and a must have for any survival situation. From building shelter, securing gear to your backpack, hanging up food out of reach of animals to lighting fire and using it as a shoe lace, there are countless good things this survival bracelet can do for you. In fact, Paracord is so reliable and durable that astronauts have used it to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope. This is another reminder why you should use it for all your survival needs.

Life in the outdoors is far from being easy but this little piece of jewelry in the form of paracord bracelet can save your life. This bracelet is a must have for someone going for a camping trip or any other outdoor activity. It obviously doesn’t cost much but is a life saver that you can’t afford to miss out on. Carry it with yourself at all costs and you will come to see its many benefits.

A survival bracelet is undoubtedly an essential tool for any adventurer. It has been proven to be useful in all kinds of situations in the wild. It can do pretty anything for you and there is absolutely no reason as to why you should not carry it with yourself.

Uses For A Paracord Survival Bracelet

As I have said above, the paracord survival bracelet is an essential survival item that you should carry it with yourself at all costs. Below is an in depth analysis of its uses and what it can do for you.

1. Used As Traps

When you are in a survival situation setting straps can be a good backup strategy for nourishment and staying strong. This also gives you more time to attend to other tasks that matter to you.

2. Make a fire.

Many of you might be surprised by this but believe it or not, survival bracelet can be used to lit a fire. What if you run out of match sticks? what would you use to make a fire? you would obviously have to think outside the box and make fire at all costs.

You can use the friction method where you scratch two dead wood against each other and you will end up with a fire no matter what time it takes. The cord of a survival bracelet can make a suitable bow string for the bow-and-drill friction fire method.

3. As boot laces

What would you do if you misplace, break or burn your shoe lace? what would you tie with them so that they fit you properly? well a paracord can be to your rescue and be used as a temporary shoe lace.

4. As a fishing line.

A paracord can as well be used as a fishing line. If you go for fishing, carry it with yourself as you don’t know what would happen to your normal fishing line. A regular fishing line will most like do the job when thrown in a clear water but what of murky water? use a paracord with a bait and sharp hook and you might end up catching a massive fish.

5. As a shackle lock

Another good use of survival paracord is using it as a shackle lock. If you want to keep critters at bay and prevent them from gaining access to your backpack or cooler, use the shackle of your strap as a lock. I can assure you that it will work and prevent creatures like raccoons from gaining access to your food and other important stuff.

6. Tie up a shelter with it.

Shelter is something that you can’t do without wherever you may happen to be. Can you imagine being in the wild and having no shelter at all? the rain or cold weather may kill you. If you have a paracord bracelet, you have a shield against harmful weather. You can indeed use it to tie up a shelter. Just pull the core out of the 550 cord and you will end up with many strands that you can use to tie your shelter.

7. Mend your gear.

You can also use your paracord survival bracelet to mend your camping gear. What would you do if an aggressive beast makes a hole in your camping tent? the simplest thing you can do is Pull the core from some of your strap cord and stitch it up. I’m sure it will do the job and isn’t it that what you want?


I can keep on and on mentioning the many important uses of survival bracelet. I’m sure there are many more uses of this wonderful survival tool and we won’t be able to cover them all here.

The bottom line is that it is a life safer that you simply can’t afford to not carry. It is considered a useful survival tool that can be helpful when you need help the most.